Degree Programs

Associate Degree

Purpose: Become grounded in the Word of God so you can effectively share your faith.

The Real World School of Ministry recognizes the importance of academics, not as an end in itself, but as the foundation needed for equipping believers to disciple others.  Every academic course emphasizes, and requires, the practical application of the knowledge gained in real world situations…providing a powerful combination of knowledge of Scripture and practical ministry experiences.


(20 three credit courses; 60 credit hours)
  1. AA101 Crosscheck It! With the Word
  2. AA102 Our Sure Foundation
  3. AA103 Journey to Freedom
  4. AA104 The Champion Within
  5. AA105 Introduction to the Bible
  6. AA106 The Faith & Grace Connection
  7. AA107 Old Testament Survey
  8. AA108 True Worship & Prayer
  9. AA109 Fruit of the Spirit
  10. AA110 Kingdom Lifestyle (Godly Emotions + Renewed Minds)
  11. AA111 Hebrew Roots, Kingdom Shoots
  12. AA112 God at Work
  13. AA113 Prosperity God’s Way
  14. AA114 Ministry of Jesus
  15. AA115 Christian Worldview
  16. AA116 Israel Today for Believers
  17. AA117 Jesus Still Heals
  18. AA118 Hearing the Voice of God
  19. AA119 God’s Word in Our Mouths
  20. AA120 Mtn of Government: Let Freedom Ring

The Real World School of Ministry (RWSM) is committed to bringing unity and oneness into the Body of Christ. In this spirit of collaboration we accept the transfer of credit hours from all accredited universities. If you wish to complete your degree program through RWSM please speak to our Admissions Director to determine your current status and path forward to completion.

RWSM Staff

Barb PalmerDirector
Dr. Jennifer MallanAcademic Dean
Jim JohnsonAdmissions
Elaine AcostaRegistrar

Tuition & Program Costs

  • Application fee- $50.00
  • Enrollment fee - $100.00
  • Cost per Credit hour - $84.00 + Textbooks

Your Next Steps

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