Degree Programs

Bachelor Degree

Purpose: Become confident in applying spiritual knowledge and experience in personal and workplace environments.

Building upon the training in the Associate program, Bachelor courses will teach you to share what you have learned across a wide range of real world and marketplace environments. Leveraging the Seven Mountains of Influence framework, students apply their knowledge to produce a Kingdom impact. The emphasis is on learning by doing and includes a Missions experience, local or international, as a graduation requirement.


(Prerequisite- Associate degree (60 credits) plus 20 three-credit courses, 60 credit hours. Total— 120 credit hours)
  1. BA101 Trinity and the Sovereignty of God
  2. BA102 The 7 Mountains of Influence: Family
  3. BA103 The 7 Mountains of Influence: Business
  4. BA104 The 7 Mountains of Influence: Media
  5. BA105 The 7 Mountains of Influence: Arts & Entertainment
  6. BA106 The 7 Mountains of Influence: Education
  7. BA107 The 7 Mountains of Influence: Religion
  8. BA108 Major World Religions and The Way
  9. BA109 Intercessory Prayer-Prepare for Way
  10. BA110 Righteousness Revealed
  11. BA111 Spirit-Led Life
  12. BA112 The Kingdom Mandate: Call to Action
  13. BA113 Ambassadors for Christ
  14. BA114 The Nature of God (His Names)
  15. BA115 Personal Prayer Exploration
  16. BA116
  17. BA117 Biblical Ethics & the Clash of the Kingdoms
  18. BA118
  19. BA119 Missions Experience Pt1
  20. BA120 Missions Experience Pt2

The Real World School of Ministry (RWSM) is committed to bringing unity and oneness into the Body of Christ. In this spirit of collaboration we accept the transfer of credit hours from all accredited universities. If you wish to complete your degree program through RWSM please speak to our Admissions Director to determine your current status and path forward to completion.

RWSM Staff

Academic Dean

Tuition & Program Costs

  • Application fee- $50.00
  • Enrollment fee - $100.00
  • Cost per Credit hour - $84.00 + Textbooks

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